Membership Info:

Family Membership

$ 100 Yearly

New Member Welcome Benefits:
  • One (1) ALE Tennis Official Uniform.
  • Special Discount of up to 30% off in your first purchase at our store.
  • Special gift or promotion offer from our network of partnered companies.

  • lnSpaceYear-Round and Renewal Benefits includes:
  • One (1) ALE Tennis Offical T-shirts every year on membership renewal
  • Special Discounts in private and semi-private lesson packages of up to 20% off regular price.
  • Seasonal Special Discounts of up to 50% off at our online store.
  • Special Discounts in ALE Tennis tournaments and events.
  • Special gifts and/or promotion offers from our network of partnered companies.

+ $50 yearly per each family member added to the family membership

(includes one (1) extra Uniform as welcome benefit and 1 extra T-shirt as year-round benefit)